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What Makes a Champion?

TyJuan Terry, Sports Writer

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The NCAA Tournament is the event you don’t want to miss. Certainly the NBA’s general managers don’t miss it as they get to see the young players’ potential. But few of the players in college are going to make it to the NBA. So they treat the Tournament like it is their last time playing basketball. Because every player takes the game so seriously,  the Tournament becomes INTENSE.

Ultimately,  though,  there’s only one champion. And to be a champion you have to dedicate yourself. Being a champion does not come out of nowhere. You have to eat sleep and dream about it. You need heart to be a champion. Everyday you play the sport you love you have to play like it’s your last day playing it. You can’t go to the finish line. You have to go above the finish line to reach your goal.

But championships aren’t just about individual effort. You need to play as a team and more importantly you have to play defense. From Duke’s Coach K talking about defense and how you should play your defender by pressing him or her to rush their game to cause turnovers which lead to fast baskets on offense. In this video, Coach K offers a complete clinic on denying the opponent the ball and the basket.


But winning isn’t everything. In her Ted Talks speech, Judy Kroll, a nationally known high-school debate coach, says that educators must show students “that we are still champions even in defeat.” Kroll made a good point : while Coach K might disagree, you can lose and still be a champ.

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What Makes a Champion?